Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Making New Memories

I walked outside the other day, the air still, calm, hot and humid, but very fragrant. I wondered what was smelling so wonderful. I walked around the yard sniffing the roses, sniffing the daylillies but neither were the beautiful fragrance that filled the air.
I made my way down to the field, just down to the edge of the woods, just enjoying all the nature around me, feeling the earth under my bare feet. Honeysuckle were in full bloom against the edge of the woods. I stopped, and picked a yellow bloom. I pinched the edge of the bloom, and pulled on the little honeysuckle string slowly, till the ever so small drop of liquid dangled from the bottom of the bloom. I placed my tongue on the little liquid drop, its sweetness was not enough. I'm not sure how long I stood against the edge of the woods, picking honeysuckle and tasting their delicious nectar. I was lost in thought, and time, just enjoying the taste of natures own. When I came back to reality from being in a world all of my own, I noticed the pile of picked yellow and white blooms laying on the ground. There must have been 40 or 50 of them. Did I really consume all the nectar from the blooms laying on the ground? I stood for a minute, and smiled.
I turned to start back toward to the house, when I noticed for the first time, the field was white from being covered in clover flowers. The white blossoms of the clovers were in full bloom. I took a deep breath and realized, it was the clovers blooming that I smelled. I never realized they had such a wonderful smell.

I laid among the clover in the middle of the field, watching the clouds move above me. I made shapes and figures out of each cloud that moved by. The sun behind me, behind the trees of the woods, made it much more comfortable lying there. I could feel the warmth of the earth under me, and I laid imagining myself as one with the earth. I imagined myself having roots, and those roots growing deep under the earth. I was one with the earth. The soft floral fragrance, the warm earth, the still of the air, my belly full of honeysuckle nectar, I drifted off and fell asleep.

I woke sometime later, with raindrops falling against my pale skin. I opened my eyes, to see the dark clouds, no longer white and fluffy, but dark and grey. The rain against my skin, felt pleasant, and I continued to lay there.

The rain turned from little droplets of water, to a pouring rain, and I continued to lay in the same exact spot, letting it beat and against my skin. When I was completely soaked, I stood, and held my face up toward the sky and smoothed my long, auburn hair away from my face, letting the rain sting my face. I cupped my hands together, letting the rain pool inside my palms, and then I drank natures refreshing water, feeling it go down my throat, down to my belly. I continued to stand in the pouring rain, drinking nature's pure water from the cup of my hands till I thirst no longer.

I had tasted nature's sweet nectar. I had smelled nature's sweet fragrance. I had let my self become one with the earth and rest upon the earth. I had showered under nature's rain, and I had drank from Mother Earth's tears. Feeling completely at peace with myself, completely rejuvenated, completely whole again, I turned to head back toward the house.

Something on top of the hill, leaning against the dogwood tree, caught my eye. I could hardly make out what it was through the blurriness of the rainfall, I shrugged my shoulders and started climbing the hill. As I neared closer to the top, the silhouette behind the rain, became in clear view. Leaning against the dogwood was Rob, trying to shelter himself from the downpour.
I slowly approached him, curious as to how long he'd been standing there, curious with the look on his face. He stood straight when I was only inches from him, and placed his callous palms against my cheeks and pushed my soaking wet hair away from my face, then kissing me hard, "you are a fucking Goddess" he said against my mouth, unzipping my cutoff blue jean shorts, and pushing them down to my ankles. I barely had time to step out of them, when he lifted me and swung me around till my back was against the tree. "Don't hurt me" I whispered out of fear that the tree would hurt my back. I wrapped my arms tightly around his neck, and buried my rain soaked face against his shoulder. My legs wrapped around his midsection, his hands on my bare ass, he entered inside of me and we became one, in the rain.

Thunder rumbled in the distance. I zipped up my cutoff blue jeans, "How long have you been here?" I asked, almost yelling over the torrential downpour.
He shrugged his shoulders "Ever since you ate the the honeysuckles."

Hand in hand we walked back to the house, the rain pouring against our bodies. Once inside I watched him take off his rain soaked shirt, his body had chill bumps all over. I could even see them over all the tattoos across his arms and chest. I turned to walk in the kitchen, when he grabbed me by arm and pulled me to him "Im not through with you, watching you in the rain was the fucking hottest thing I have ever seen" he said, gently nibbling my neck.
In one swift move, he scooped me into his arms, cradling me, as if I were a infant and carried me up the stairs.

Today I confess: this may not have been blog worthy material but it is a memory I never want to forget. I was cleansed and purified by Mother Earth, and fell deeper in love in the same day. It was a day I never want to forget.


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